Graphic Design

The M.A. IN art and design with a specialization in GRAPHIC DESIGN

This 30-credit degree (download PDF curriculum guide) focuses on preparing students for professional practice. This degree is well suited for individuals whose undergraduate degree is not within graphic design. The degree includes seminar courses in art and design, a studio concentration, a history course, a business practice course, courses outside of graphic design, and the completion of a Creative Component in graphic design.

The degree acquaints students with theory, research and methodology for professional practice and the opportunity to apply these in studio investigations. Through studios focused on design thinking this degree will prepare students to practice in the quickly evolving field of graphic design. This program values cultural and intellectual diversity in its students, whose individual strengths are realized through a balanced and structured curriculum.

Application Requirements
MA in Art and Design, Specialization in Graphic Design Application Requirements

More Information
For more information on any of these graphic design graduate programs, contact:

Paul Bruski, Director of Graduate Education
Meredith Foley, Graduate Programs Coordinator