Graphic Design

The M.A. IN art and design with a specialization in environmental GRAPHIC DESIGN

Creative Component concept "Adaptive Repurposing of American Shopping Malls Through Placemaking and Brand Experience Design" by Jake Niederhauser (MA in Environmental Graphic Design) 

This 34-credit degree (download PDF curriculum guide) focuses on preparing students for 3-dimensional visual communication. Credits include a seminar course in art and design, a studio concentration, a history course, courses in design methods, and the completion of a Creative Component in environmental graphic design, and extensive EGD project that synthesizes what they have learned in the program. This program is ideal for students with an undergraduate degree in architecture, interior design, industrial design, landscape or graphic design, that have an interest in expanding their skills. Applicants without a degree or background in environmental graphic design may be required to complete up to 15 additional credits of coursework.

This degree provides a comprehensive exposure to all aspects of the discipline, including wayfinding, exhibit design, interaction, information design, and placemaking. This program offers interdisciplinary opportunities in architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, planning, art and visual culture, and industrial design. Our Institute for Design Research and Outreach coordinates community design projects, which engage students in real world experiences. The M.A. in Art and Design, with specialization in Environmental Graphic Design is the first and only program of its kind in the United States.

Application Requirements
MA in Environmental Graphic Design Application Requirements

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