Art and Design

What Can You DO with an Art and Design DegreE?

Careers for Art and Design graduates are available in private and corporate practice (advertising agencies, art galleries, art supply and frame stores, department and retail stores, independent studios, manufacturers of greeting cards, fabrics and floor coverings, news media, portrait studios, publishing companies) as well as public and nonprofit practice (art councils and foundations, community art centers, historical sites, libraries, museums).

The following career paths reflect specific positions pursued by recent Art and Design graduates from Iowa State University, and do not represent a comprehensive list of the possible career choices available to someone with an Art and Design degree. Please note that some careers require additional education beyond the bachelor's degree. Many students who complete the option in Art and Design History and Theory go on to graduate study.

  • Advertising
  • Art supply sales
  • Art therapy (requires additional education)
  • Art administration and management (requires additional education)
  • Corporate art curation and sales
  • Elementary and secondary school teaching (requires additional education)
  • Art restoration, preservation, exhibition and repair (requires additional education)
  • Greeting card design
  • Movie, theater or television set design
  • Museum archivist, curator, conservator, director (requires additional education)
  • University or college teaching, research and administration (requires additional education)