SA1: Sustainability and Green Design

The following architecture faculty members are affiliated with the Sustainability and Green Design study area.

Nadia M. Anderson investigates the application of ecological and incremental urbanism practices within contemporary environments at a variety of scales. Her current projects include the development of prototype design and policy frameworks for affordable sustainable housing and the articulation of alternative models of interdisciplinary design practice.

Mikesch Muecke works at the intersection of highly energy-efficient buildings, human habitation, and bio-based materials, coupled with narrative visualization, the transfer from digital to analogue, and the discourse of architectural history, theory, and practice between 1900 and today.

Ulrike Passe works on the relationship of spatial composition and airflow; the impact of environmental controls on design and building energy performance. She was the faculty adviser to Iowa State's 2009 Solar Decathlon team and is currently the director of the ISU Center for Building Energy Research.