Rome Program

Study Abroad Preparation Seminar

Semester students who wish to participate in the Rome Program must first enroll and receive a satisfactory grade in DSN S 301: Study Abroad Preparation Seminar
This required, one-credit seminar provides a cultural introduction to Italy and vital information on the particulars of living, studying and traveling abroad. The course is designed to:
  • prepare you for a positive personal and educational experience in Rome;
  • help you develop realistic expectations about studying abroad;
  • introduce you to the challenges related to resident study;
  • present practical and logistical information about the Rome Program; and
  • introduce you to Italy and Italian culture.

Students interested in the summer and fall programs must take DSN S 301 in the spring semester prior to studying in Rome. Students interested in the spring program must take it in the fall semester prior to studying in Rome.

DSN S 301 is taught by the college's international programs director, Jen Hogan.