Interior Design Resource Room

Located on the second floor of the College of Design, the Interior Design Resource Room (216 Design) maintains product information and material samples for residential and contract design. A special collection focuses on sustainable design resources. Computers are available to search online resources including Design Online. A scanner is also available.

A "cut room" furnishes samples of materials, finishes and products, which provide opportunities for the study of color, pattern, texture, scale, proportion, etc. In addition, students may check out or request samples of current materials and finishes for inclusion in their studio projects. Run by students, the resource room is monitored 15-20 hours per week throughout the semester.

Resource Room hours will vary with each semester. Look for the current schedule posted outside the door.

Resource Room Collection
The Resource Room is divided into two areas. The front room (216) contains recent catalogs and samples that are "cuttable." Current "non-cuttable" catalogs and samples are located in the back room (216A).
A computer is available to use CD catalogs and to search the "Design Online" site, a subscription electronic catalog search site. "Blue Bolt," an electronic sample search source, is also available.
Special focused information and samples are available on sustainable design and historic restoration/ adaptive reuse products in the back room (216A). A recent set of Sweet's Catalogs is available. Product literature is filed using the CSI classification system.
General Rules
  • No food and drinks allowed.
  • Only take samples you need for your current project.
  • Always clean up before you leave the Resource Library.
Students may be required to sign in upon entering the Resource Room. Students then must see the attendant before leaving. The attendant will initial the student's name on the sign-up sheet after verifying that no mess has been left behind. If students fail to clean up after themselves they will be asked to stay and clean up.
Using Cuttable Samples
Any samples in Room 216—fabric, wall coverings, carpet, literature, etc.—may be taken for your project. Bring your own scissors, and once again, make sure to clean up before you leave. (Scissors may be borrowed; however, they are very dull).
If you can't remember where you found something, please ask the attendant or put it in the bin located on the filing cabinet near to the Resource Room entrance.
Non-cuttable Samples—Reference Room
Current materials in Room 216A cannot be taken, but must be ordered. To process your orders quickly, fill out the order forms clearly and completely. It would be to your advantage to order the samples you need as early as possible.
A maximum of four (4) samples may be ordered from any one company and a maximum of eight (8) samples can be ordered at any one time. If you need to order more, you must obtain permission from your instructor. Sophomores and freshman Core Design Program students cannot order samples from the reference room, but the samples can be scanned.


DO NOT CALL SUPPLIER YOURSELF. YOU MUST ORDER SAMPLES THROUGH THE RESOURCE ROOM. Sending samples to students is done as a favor to you, and suppliers want to have only one contact per school.

Checking Out Materials from Room 216A
Current samples and literature can be checked out for one day. Students are required to leave their ISU ID with the assistant until the material is returned. An email notification will be sent if the student fails to return the sample by the due date. There will also be a late charge for the materials that are not checked in on time and a report will be sent to the instructor.