Research and Outreach

Current PLaCE projects

The following projects are being currently addressed by faculty, students, and classes within the College of Design.  

Reiman Gardens Exhibit Design
Associate Professor of Graphic Design Lisa Fontaine is working with Reiman Gardens on exhibit design in the Children’s Garden Area.

LA 301:  Seed Savers Exchange
Julie Stevens, a lecturer in the Landscape Architecture Department, along with Associate Professor Carl Rogers and two graduate students, are assisting Seed Savers Exchange in Decorah with a comprehensive look at their site.  They will perform a detailed site analysis, give some recommendations for circulation, and assist Seed Savers with moving forward for a Master Planning process.

Des Moines Neighborhood Based Service Delivery Program Evaluation
Assistant Professor Jane Rongerude, along with a class of Community and Regional Planning students, is working with the City of Des Moines to evaluate the Neighborhood-Based Service Delivery Program.  Students will have extensive contact with neighborhood-based citizen groups.

Storm Lake Workforce Housing
Lecturers Eric Jensen and David Wilwerding are leading a team of Community and Regional Planning students in analyzing housing for the city of Storm Lake.  The City has identified two parcels of land for development, to address a housing shortage in the city.  Students will work with city officials to propose direction for moving forward in several areas of community development.

Perry Community Development
Assistant Professor Katia Balassiano is leading a team of students in working with the City of Perry.  They will conduct a series of input sessions and prepare a concept plan for land development of a parcel of land just south of Highway 141, as identified by City of Perry.   Other projects will be addressed during the spring semester.