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Recent Changes in Office for Responsible Research
To increase efficiency and further streamline the Institutional Review Board (IRB) review process, the Office for Responsible Research, in conjunction with the IRB, has revised the submission requirements for continuing review. The office also developed a policy to clarify when an ongoing study no longer requires IRB review. Documents describing these processes will be posted in the "Guidance and Education" section of the office's website at http://www.compliance.iastate.edu/irb/guide. Among the highlights of the revised continuing review requirements, investigators will no longer be required to submit data-collection materials (surveys, interview or focus group questions, etc.) with the continuing review application, provided the materials have not changed since the last review.

The study closure policy revisions clarify that in most cases, a research project no longer requires IRB review when all data-collection activities have ended and the remaining activities involve only the analysis of completely de-identified data. For a more detailed understanding of the changes, go online, speak with your program director or contact Doug Johnston, associate dean for research, 4-5490.